Our team will arrive at the camp up to 45 minutes prior to the start of the event to establish the field layout,  bunkers, gear, and have a final check-in with the organizer to confirm all details. At the beginning of the game, each player will be given their laser tag equipment and a comprehensive overview of the rules and instructions.

We bring in additional staff to ensure seamless and efficient game transitions. We also bring extra equipment, including laser tag blasters and bunkers, to create a dynamic playing field for the increased number of players. Our laser tag games can accommodate up to 30 players per round, with traditional games lasting 5 to 7 minutes each, resulting in a capacity of 75-100 players per hour, making us the perfect choice for entertaining even the largest of groups!

2, 3 or 4 hr Sessions are available

  • Hi-Tech Laser Blasters and Receivers (headbands)
  • Hi-Tech Laser Blasters have a daytime range of over 300′, and over 700′ at night!
  • Lightweight taggers are easy for players of all ages to handle yet high-tech enough for older players as well!
  • Advanced features live scoring and re-spawn
  • Game Coach/Referee to set up the field, instruct, and run games
  • Inflatable obstacles, “Bunkers” Safe no stakes self-weighted
    (Gym Floor Safe)
  • Background music during laser tag games to enhance the game experience.
  • Fully Insured

*Travel fees may apply.

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